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Make Radio History

Everyone is talking about it but what’s it all about? How did it begin? Where’s it going? Why is it so successful?

Get the lowdown on ‘the campaign that just won’t go away’.

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What’s next for Steve & Fran?

In their own words…

…We’ve been incredibly busy (as usual) with both the show and the campaign. The campaign seems to be really generating a lot of interest at the moment. We are in the process of getting some new T-shirts made up to try to meet the increasing demands. We're looking for fairly traded shirts made with organic cotton and water based dyes. High standards yes, but we really want to trounce the opposition this time. If you'd like one let us know what size and we’ll send you one out when they're done.
In addition to the campaign we’ve got several other projects on the go.
A London recording studio recently invited us down to make an album. We were very flattered - they hadn't even heard us play - so it was just on the basis of reputation. I guess we must be doing something right despite what some of the critics have said.
We’ve also been invited to play in a London jazz club, but with all the other stuff we probably won't have time, not this year anyway.
One thing we want to do is work with some local unemployed kids and adults. A new social centre called Matilda has been looking for people to teach DJing skills and we've started talking with them about running a series of music workshops. This would be as thrilling and interesting for us as it would be for them. It would be a sort of 'back to our roots' thing, something that most musicians do at some point in their careers anyway.
So it’s work work work over here. Sometimes we do wonder about this crazy world of showbusiness though. Is the timetable of never ending work and play simply a convenient, subconcious mechanism to escape from our inner demons? Are we stubbornly refusing to acknowledge the fear implied in exploring these dark recesses of the mind?
Best wishes from the UK,
Steve & Fran